Benefits Of Beef


Red meat has a number of great health benefits, and it tastes great!

1.Red meat contains protein and essential nutrients which are more bioavailable than in other foods. Notably, several nutrients in steak are in very short supply for some of the population, such as iron and zinc.

2. Grass-fed beef is higher in conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3, both of which have benefits for heart health. It is also higher in vitamin A and E and antioxidants that help protect against cancer

3.Iron contained in red meat is more easily absorbed by the body, making red meat the best source of iron for your body. Iron is essential for our red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the cells in our bodies

Butter braised with garlic scape au poivre, herbs, buttered Parker House roll

KLD beef is USDA-inspected and 100% chemical free – they use absolutely no steroids, no growth hormones and no antibiotics of any kind. KLD cattle are grass-fed and grain-finished, and then dry-aged 14-18 days for superior quality and taste.

Barry ONeill