How To Make Your Company Retreat A Success

1.) Choose a Fun Venue!
Be sure to research and book a venue that is fun and different from what they are used to on a daily basis.  These are typically difficult to find, especially when dealing with large groups of people, so you want to be sure to try and book in advance.  If your company is in an office building, try booking something outdoors and give your team a breath of fresh air.  There are venues available that will allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, but will also provide spaces for you to meet, host strategic planning sessions, and give presentations.  Giving everyone a break from their everyday routine, will help encourage creativity, motivation, and increase morale.


2.) Make it an All Day or All Weekend Affair
A great way a company can to show their employees that they care, is to invite significant others to join in on the fun.  If your company retreat consists on meetings, presentations, and group sessions, what better way to wrap up the day than to follow with hosting a cocktail or dinner party in which significant others are invited.  For some people, a night out with the one they love is few and far between.  Another way would be to host a family day as a part of a retreat weekend.  These can be hosted at amusement parks or at a local farm venue for a company picnic, filled with food, games, and everything family-friendly!

3.) Come Bearing Gifts!
This is such a small expense that can go a very long way.  Everyone loves to feel appreciated and a small party gift is the perfect way to add an extra touch of gratitude.  This gift can be something related to work that can help with their everyday work load, something for personal use, or a gift that relates to the theme of the retreat.  Either way, it’s always nice for employees to be able to walk away with something in hand to show your appreciation for all they do for you. 

4.) Give Back
Partner with a local non-profit organization for your team building exercises.  This is a fantastic way to, not only focus on creating a good work environment between your employees, but to also help those in need.  Business is all about building relationships, so in connecting with other organizations, you are setting a fantastic example for your employees.  Making a difference in other people’s lives is the perfect way re-energize and encourage those who work for you.

Old School Farm - Non Profit -

Old School Farm - Non Profit -

Always remember that, yes, company retreats are to be productive, but try and have fun!  Get to know your employees in a different setting and get to know those who are connected to them.  Following all of these tips will pave the way for a successful year, starting with employees who are refreshed, energized, passionate, and feel appreciated!

Barry ONeill