Nashville Eater - #1 Kid Friendly Choice

The Old School farm to table restaurant has been featured in Nashville Eater as one of the best places in Nashville to dine for those with kids! The term “kid friendly restaurant” often makes us think of separate kids menus and plastic jungle gyms. Fortunately, The Old School presents a much better option! Located on a sprawling farm property, we boast a huge patio area, a barn, and lots of outdoor space for you to explore with your kids. 


Our farm-to-table menu features ingredients grown right in our backyard, and what we don’t grow ourselves is sourced from other farms in middle Tennessee. We care about our ingredients, because we know that there is more to a meal than a one-time experience. What we put in our bodies matters, and The Old School is proud to be a place that nourishes people of all ages! 

Our quality ingredients ensure that every meal here is packed with the benefits of fresh, organic produce. And though our kids may not care much about the benefits of organic produce, we can rest easy knowing that whatever meal they eat at The Old School will be delicious and nutritious. What your kids are sure to care about, though, are the do-it-yourself s’mores materials that we supply around our fire pit! 

Firepit Newsletter.jpg

Our menus are constantly changing, as they only use the ingredients available during each harvest. Make sure to visit our website to see our most recent menu, especially for your picky eaters! Right now, your peach lover can dig into our delicious Peach Truck salad, and those that love pastries can munch on our sausage roll or tomato and chèvre galette. We offer a top-rated brunch, delicious dinner service, and weekly afternoon socials with a smaller, casual menu. 

Just 10 minutes outside of Nashville, it won’t take long to come explore The Old School for your next family dinner!

Barry ONeill