Let it RAIN!


No one ever wants to say it.  In fact, I actually spell it out instead of saying it out loud when I’m speaking with a client.  “What happens in case it was to R-A-I-N?”  The fact of the matter is, whether you are hosting an inside or an outside event, rain can tend to throw a kink into things.  In fact, you should always prepare yourself and wrap your mind around the idea that it may not go exactly the way you always pictured.  The good news is, most of the time, it goes even better.  And I’ve always heard it’s good luck to have a little rain on your wedding day ;) 

But, just to put your mind at ease, here are a few tips on how to prepare for that little hiccup in your day also known as R-A-I-N…

First, prepare in advance a specific “Rain Plan.”  Actually, prepare in advance a Plan A, Plan B, and even, a Plan C just to be safe.  Speak with your wedding planner or event coordinator and be very clear on how you would like things to go if there were a change in the original plan.  This not only helps you prepare for shift in things, but also gets everyone on the same page.  NO ONE wants to be scurrying around the day of trying to figure out what to do.  It’s your wedding day, and rain or no rain, you should be enjoying it!  So avoid that chaos, speak with the event venue to explore ALL options and be sure to clear everything with your outside vendors as well.

If you are having an outside wedding or event, you may want to look into reserving a tent if the grounds will allow.  Be sure to clear this with your event venue first, because there are lots of restrictions on where a tent can actually be set up.  Also keep in mind that most rental companies will charge you for the tent rental if it is not cancelled almost a week in advance. If you’re getting married or having an event in Nashville, below are links to some rental companies that offer tents and tent packages as well.

Grand Central Party
Music City Tents


If rain starts pouring the morning of your wedding, another option is to EMBRACE IT!  Do you know how awesome rainy wedding photos are?  Cloudy skies are a photographers dream.  I know you will be worried about your dress, hair, and makeup, but that is what the maid of honor is for.  That best friend who has been by your side through it all will be there to hold an umbrella over you.  Speaking of umbrellas, that is another fantastic way to embrace your rainy day…buy cute umbrellas for the wedding party!  Below is a link for clear, bubble umbrellas that are perfect for protection and pretty pictures.

Clear Bubble Umbrella


So when raindrops are falling on your head, remember that no matter what, in the end, you are giving your guests a day they actually will never forget. Rain doesn’t equate to bad, it just means change.  As long as you are prepared for that change, everything will be smooth sailing.  Your guests will be gracious, everything will dry, and you won’t able to put a price tag on the memories you make that day.

Pictures by -  www.theforwardsphoto.com