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Anne McCue

Anne McCue has released 7 albums. She has played guitar on albums by such artists as Michelle Shocked and Robyn Hitchcock and has produced albums for Scott Miller, Ellen Starski and Emma Swift.
She is the host of the radio show Songs On The Wire on WXNA.

"I've been a fan of guitarist/singer/songwriter Annie McCue for many years so I'm very honored and happy about singing with her on a damn fine song for her upcoming album... You can't go wrong with such talent." -Dave Alvin

"I had done some gigs with Annie McCue out in California and thought that besides her phenomenal playing and great songs she had a unique presence. She has an angelic quality to her but also a Charlie Chaplin-esque vibe. Fearless and tender and alluring." -David Olney

Alternative Country icon Lucinda Williams has said of McCue: “Initially, her stunning voice hooked me in. Then I got inside the songs. The first chance I got, I went to see her perform . . . I was floored!"