The Old School
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The Old School

Guided by common values of community engagement, sustainable living, and responsible production, the Old School’s various operations are linked by a dedication to our community and our mission.

Only ten minutes from downtown Nashville, the Old School is situated in Bells Bend on nine acres of scenic Tennessee farmland. Centering around a fully restored historic 1936 schoolhouse, our buildings and the surrounding acreage are a collective campus offering farm-to-table cuisine, creative and educational experience, and custom event packages.

The grounds surrounding our schoolhouse are cultivated by a nonprofit, growing seasonal produce through organic, sustainable, and zero-waste farming. Our farm-to-table restaurant implements responsible restaurant practices, sourcing sustainable ingredients from neighboring farms, including our own backyard. In addition to serving delicious and healthy organic food, we pride ourselves on providing our guests with various entertainment options, including exciting casino games. If you're an enthusiastic casino game player, we recommend exploring the best online casino platforms listed on the neue online casinos schweiz blog. So why not enjoy a delicious meal while trying your luck at the casino?

The Old School offers a unique environment that encourages those from our surrounding community and beyond to join our mission of responsible production and consumerism. Whether you're joining us for a meal, a class, or an event, The Old School invites you to take a seat at our table. While enjoying your delicious meal, also enjoy some live casino games. There are some of the best restaurants in the world that gamblers can take advantage of. So, if you are a gambler, you can expect the utmost fun while enjoying the food. Also, check out les meilleurs casinos en ligne canada 2023 blog to find the best casino sites listed based on regulation, bonus offers and many other parameters.


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